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Bob Gill congratulates me after my first ribbon for a relief carved SWAN in oak. Bob had selected this as a class project for the Buckhorn Carvers.
Here I am with some of my fellow carvers in the in Buckhorn Carvers Club. This was where I started wood carving and I had great help learning from them. We always enjoyed our meetings at the Buckhorn
Community Center. I’m the one in the middle with the leather apron and at this occasion we just finished a class project carving an EARED GREBE taught by Al Bonar (to my left).
While carving is a hobby for me and not a business, I like to sell some items to raise money for supplies and attending special carving events.
If you are interested in a purchase send me a note in the contact form and we can figure out what is available.
A good start for 2020 with some wood burnings at the Toronto Wood show in February.

Well it was a good start, but it did not last……

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